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Troubadour Creative | Searching for Sugar, Man

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Searching for Sugar, Man

Searching for Sugar, Man

There are a lot of opinions about thoughts these days. Who has them, who’s borrowing them, who’s sharing them, who’s reading them, and really . . . who cares. In our voracious attempt to share CONTENT and build our corporate and personal brands there has been a tsunami of knowledge sharing lately – through articles, LinkedIn posts, how-to videos, conferences, blogs etc.

And, because we’ve all read the same articles and how-to blogs, we know that it’s important. It helps pull followers, it aids SEO, it gives your brand’s voice a voice. So in order to feed this endlessly hungry beast, we are all dancing along the divide between curation and content, vainly attempting to publish our own thoughts and share/appropriate each other’s in order to keep on top of the wave.

Some argue that just pushing links is a sub-par form of communication and that only original thought is worth sharing. I disagree, and value the curated sharing of friends and colleagues because I trust their unique perspectives and couldn’t possibly keep up with the endlessness of available, real time knowledge otherwise.

Without their help, I wouldn’t have learned as much about the various political platforms, or personal hovercraft technology, or what to watch next on Netflix. I wouldn’t know to be worried about declining bee populations and ad blocking, or have learned how to help sponsor a Syrian family or have experienced the amazing storytelling in this Anthony Bourdain brandvertising.

In the end, the benefit far outweighs the perceived negative doesn’t it? Yes, it’s tiring to wade through the flotsam and jetsam of the www, but aren’t we all consuming this information not just to learn, but in order to glean the nugget that we deem to be ‘share-able’? Isn’t that the whole magical benefit of having this invisible (pixel thread) connection to other humans across this world? That we get to learn from other people’s experience and for a brief cyber-facilitated moment, stand in their shoes and KNOW what they know. And then be selfless enough to pass it on.

So, what’s the big deal? I say shine the light on great ideas, great thoughts, great stories. We aren’t wasting time. We’re all just searching for sugar, man.


I hate you all. You smell like borrowed ideas.*
*Beauty On, Operation Infinite Joy, Martin Tielli, 2003 Six Shooter Records