Hello world!


Hello world!

Welcome to the first blog post from Troubadour Creative. I’m so happy you’re here and hope you’ll visit us frequently. Future postings will contain information and opinions related to brand strategy, marketing, design, philanthropy, cause partnerships, Troubadour news and all matters in between. But with this first post I wanted to share a short personal note about my own inspiration.

Until the sun comes up like missiles.*

So, one of my favourite bands is the now-defunct Canadian indie masterpiece of the Rheostatics. Their music (highly recommended to the uninitiated) heats up my insides and makes me sing out loud and is especially magical at high volume in the car on a dark road, but I digress. Their unique musical sound is perfectly matched with lyrics that visually soar across our land, up to our kitchen tables and out to roadside gas stations. If you’ve ever listened to their music you have glimpsed the soul of my home, Canada.

I say this with a humble apology – to you, my unknown audience, and to the Rheostatics themselves. The first concession is that I am not a trained writer, and so my clumsy attempts to express myself may, on occasion, hurt your eyes/ears. I’ve been told many times that I overuse or misuse punctuation and my grammar can not possibly reach the standard set by my high school English teacher Ms. Paine, whom (who?) I’m afraid none of us remember fondly. So clearly my writing will in no way match the visual paintings that Rheostatics’ lyrics have impressed onto my mind.

The second concession is to my beloved Rheos and their various solo artist projects, from who I will flagrantly borrow lyrics, song titles, and visual metaphors for this project and throughout my life. I do not have their permission, so hopefully they will accept my respect and thanks for the inspiration instead.

The Rheos were incredible storytellers and as such have made a deep impression on me. They say anything created from the heart touches the heart, and I believe that to be true. The reason I’m sharing this is because this is the kind of legacy I hope to offer through the creation of Troubadour. As the heritage of the word tells us, a troubadour was a sort of wandering poet from the middle ages, a lyrical and musical storyteller. I loved that idea to describe what I want to offer – someone who can come in, help you tell your story and then be on my way. Sort of like The Littlest Hobo, “every stop I make, I make a new friend”. Yes, it’s a romanticized notion but like all good origin stories, it’s true and from the heart.

Finally to anyone reading this, I hope to be worthy of your time.

Let’s go.* 

*Self Serve Gas Station, Whale Music, Rheostatics, 1992 Sire Records