Excited to share this collection of new writing, Keep Door Closed. If you are interested in downloading a PDF copy ($12) or receiving a printed copy in the mail ($15), please email me afarrer@troubadourcreative.com and I’ll get it coming your way. Just think of all the money you’re saving (in not buying self-indulgent americanos) during these self-isolation days, so why not help support my self-indulgent art instead? Seems legit right?

No, it’s not more stories about the SeaBus. This time, you are headed on a more adventurous journey… inside my mind! Buckle up. This collection has you on a bus driving through my neighbourhood then on a musical-homage road trip along the rural roads of Ontario, and from the tragedy of a bullying death to the depths of my forlorn poetic soul. Here’s a taste – first one’s free…

(excerpt from hey man)

The question hangs unanswered but for a low grunt of receipt. No need or expectation of reply this early in the morning. Familiarity fills the gaps. The truck door creaks in futile protest as it slams shut, at the same time as the truck begins backing out of the driveway. Fresh diesel fumes join the damp air of the cab and attach to the dripping condensation on the windshield. The driver reaches over and turns up the 80’s-metal emanating from the dash – the wail of guitar triggering involuntary muttered singalong – further diffusing any need for small talk. Both pairs of eyes point out the windows, seeking nothing.

Out in the streets
The dogs are on the run
The cats are all in heat

Thanks for being interested enough to be reading this sentence. Writing is a lonely road. Lots of time inside your own head. So if you do read something of mine, please consider it a moral contract to then let me know what you thought. I’m not seeking praise, just confirmation of an audience on the other side.

Close with the close: email afarrer@troubadourcreative.com if you’re interested in a PDF download ($12CDN), or a printed copy ($15CDN) of Keep Door Closed.